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If The Hut Fits

As I mentioned I had real trouble finding reference for the type of houses people live in in the desert. The 'How The Camel Got Its Hump' story is supposed to be set 'when the world is new' so the 'houses' should be little more than mud huts.

To create my hut I used a piece of round polystyrene packaging and wrapped a piece of card around it. I sized the card with PVA and then coated it with plaster. Finally I painted it with acrylics. The roof was a right pain. I made a cardboard cone and covered it in the 'straw' from a beach mat. At first I thought I could use sections of the mat but it fell apart when I tried to cut it up. In the end it was a job of epic proportions glue gunning individual strands onto the cone. It stands about 16 inches high.

I didn't really give the task enough thought, so I am going to have to make adjustments to the pitch of the roof in Photoshop for each illustration which features the hut.

Desert dwelling Man

Right here's the man, again modelled within a couple of days. This is against the backdrop of pandemonium which is breaking out within immediate family circle. I won't go into details, (as I've decided to keep this blog 'on message' apart from the odd moan I'll have from time to time:¬)). But as most of you will know, trying to illustrate or craft something when things are going off around you, Is not so flippin easy. Despite being an unwilling participant in in any drama, my life is turning into one of those Soap Opera's which I avoid watching like the plague. The irony isn't lost on me:¬) Desert Hut next. I can find hardly any reference material for desert huts, so I'm really winging it on this one.

'orsing About

This is the next of the characters to roll off the production line. I started yesterday evening so it turned around quite quick. I have added details such as a bridle for it, (not shown) but the whole thing still needs a bit more smoothing. Its head more or less evolved on its own.

I never used to like horses but have developed some respect for their physical presence since creating this and my only other previous effort. I didn't use reference as I felt there is enough leeway in accuracy with more 'cartoony' style horse.

The Ox

Here's a quick snap of the Ox which features in the story. Next up is the desert dwelling man. The roughs had quite a few comments on them and the outfit of the man in the story is worrying me a bit. I'll get on with it now and send an image to the Art Director for approval. I wouldn't want to crack on with all the photographs if the model isn't right.


I have just heard back from my Agent and the approvals for the 'Camel story' roughs are imminent, (with some ammendments). They want to bring forward the deadline, but frankly I would be pushed for time with the original proposal. This is when the pressure comes to bear and to be honest it does unsettle me a bit. But I've been here before many times and hopefully the seemingly impossible will prove possible.

Here are three versions of the proposed cover. I did them in a bit of a rush overnight so I hope they are ok for the Art Director.

21 Guns - Green Day (official music video) [HQ]

This is my favourite video right now.

First Humph!

This is a quick test shot of the camel model I've been working on. It's about 14 inches high. It still needs a bit of smoothing, tweaking and I need to add eyelashes, (possibly from a doll if I can kidnap one of my wife's old ones:¬)).

Like people, models can turn out to be photogenic or not so photogenic. I think Humph is not too bad judging by this test shot.

I feel a period of creative energy coming on so I hope to start revealing several ideas in the coming weeks.

Camel or high water...

..I will finish the models for my brief: 'How The Camel Got Its Hump.' I decided to make the main model twice as big as normal. I'll post an image tomorrow.

Saw the Latest Harry Potter film. Got to say I was a bit disappointed. Not really enough action for me. The film went out with a whimper rather than a bang.

I'm looking forward to joining the two adult education classes in September. I made a couple of good friends the last time I went to college. Unfortunately they went back to Wales and London. It's hard work cultivating friendships and is pretty sad when they leave you. Living where I do and being freelance, opportunities for making friends don't come along so often.

Plans are afoot

Although I live within the shadow of an impending illustration project I am really conscious of my lack of progress, creatively. I haven't even scratched the surface of what I want to do. I make half-hearted efforts at the kind of work I'm not really that interested in. It seems to me that anyone can make a good attempt at most things. But unless you are really inspired, moved, or feel 'qualified' to undertake a creative endeavour, it can never meet your expectations. Or in my case the results do meet my expectations in how inept they can turn out.

Don't get me wrong this assessment isn't a negative diatribe borne out of self pity, it is merely a pragmatic reflection of the state of my 'Quest.' So I have decided to regain some focus and learn some technical skills by enrolling on a couple of courses. I have little knowledge of ceramic firing or glazing so I have signed up to a 30 week ceramics course. For some time I have had a number of sketches I'v…