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Good Things...Small Packages?

I have sent out my lenticular images of Zac to some publishers with a card featuring the synopsis of the story. They are rather diminutive in size and might get mistaken for Christmas cards, but maybe this will work in my favour:)

Each publisher has a different policy when it comes to submissions, many asking not to be sent manuscripts. So I'm hoping these cards give a bit of a taster and beg to be followed up:)

Final Adjustments Before I Move On


Business cards to finish and send out, then it's time to concentrate on developing some serious Art:)

Zac-reworked and one of the bad guys

I'm still trying to improve the cover and have been working on the Alien. It still needs some detailing at this point before I begin posing.


I've given Zac a more dynamic pose. I think it's an improvement:)

Latest Zac Book Cover

Here is the latest cover design for 'Zac Spanner Amd The Invasion Of The Zargonites' in situ in his secret lab hidden in the attic.

I have ordered some lenticular lenses for the mailouts I intend to send to Art Editors and may choose to feature the above image on the cards.

Link to flipping book dummy with the first chapter of the story: HERE