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Mazey Day 2010

I Want To be An Illustrator Again

Having just visited the Falmouth degree Show:

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I am inspired to ressurect my ailing Illustration career. Far from being intimidated by seeing loads of fresh Illustrators entering the Illustration market, it enthuses me to be involved again.

I know to many of you it is mumbo jumbo, but I have been getting many warning signs from Oracle cards recently. I have been drawing the same card, ('Arrow Master'), time and again out of a deck of 40 cards, and always reversed. It's telling me to make sure I am moving in the right direction. I have taken a step outside of what I am doing and have reconsidered my current course.

More soon.

Ancient And Modern

Ancient Celtic Well

The other week I visited a local well at Madron. The water is reputed to have healing powers. The Votives hanging from the tree are offerings to the naiad, (spirit) of the well. it is believed that as the material rots down, so the affliction diminishes.

The route to the well was for hundreds of years like a journey through a portal to another world. But now with the clumsy action of a well meaning council, a path has been cut straight to the well, bypassing the meandering route over stone styles, and so reducing its magic.

The well in the chapel has been used for hundreds of years for baptisms by Christians, continuing the rituals carried out by Pagans who populated west Cornwall. It is a great place to come for quiet meditation. Further reading can be found here
Computer Upgrade I have finally got all the gear I need to rebuild my PC. I bought a beast of a graphics card, and as is often the way, it left other components found wanting. So I had to buy a bigger power un…

I'm no hairdresser...

..but I am spending a lot of time working on differeny hairstyles. The program is proving a bit buggy. So I am having a few issues. I think I'll stick with the long flowing hair look though.

I've nearly finished building my new PC. And at the weekend I might start building my workbench. I am considering choping up our old dining table. Don't tell the wife:)

Working with CGI Dynamics

I have been experimenting with wind effects on hair. I have been rendering out a series of images and will post the resulting animation soon. It need a bit more density around the back of the head but it's getting there. Each rendered image takes around 3/4 of an hour and there are at least 60 of them!


I've softened the face somewhat and have been working on rigging the figure for animation. It's the old law of diminishing returns. You attain a certain standard of work within a reasonable timescale; but then to get it up to a higher level, the smallest improvement in quality takes a disproportionate amount of time.

I hope to sell my kiln this Friday and have already seen the enameling kiln I intend to buy in its place. I will start work on building a new workspace next week, or rather two workspaces, one for silversmithing/sculpting and the other to house the new computer workstation. My old pc has practically ground to a halt now.

I am going to bow out of the ceramics class early. I discovered that it was not right for me and also it had a negative impact as far as making aquaintances is concerned. Part of the reason for joining the course was to get me out of the house, which for a freelancer is important. But the trouble with joining daytime courses is that the intake tends …