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Silver Pendant Giveaway

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New Website With Its Own Blog

This Blog has changed from Sylph Studio to Fabled Soul.  This name change was important to reflect the change in direction for my work.  I will still create jewellery but I will be extending the scope of what I produce.

I have just set up a new Website with a more professional shop set-up which includes a Newsletter sign up facility, Gift Vouchers, Blog and frilly bits:)

I will post regularly on my Site but I will also duplicate the Posts on here just in case you don't make it over there:)

I have been doing mainly commissions in the form of Charm Rings at the moment including these Butterfly and Paw Prints:

What the customer wants the customer gets...hopefully:)

I have also found a new host for my illustration site:

I still love Illustration so I want to promote this aspect of my career.  I'm thinking though of developing a more digital style of work for Fabled Soul which will feed into my Illustration work on Story Portal.
I am in need of studio space so I hope to move house and build something custom made.  I have appointed an Agent but like with Illustration I mustn't rest on my laurels and leave things to the 'experts' so I am trying to help things along by advertising on Gumtree and in local shops.
My 3 Bed Semi in carbis Bay, Cornwall
My last few commissions have been 'Charm Rings.'  The deadlines have been a bit tight so I haven't had time to photograph them all.  The exceptions are those shown below.  
The customer has requested simple charms such as the star and more intricate ones such as the rose.  The little sculptures are quite tricky and play havoc with my fingers and eyesight:/ 
I create the pattern using a two part epoxy putty as this holds detail well.  In the case of the rose, my tools were too clumsy to sculpt it so I had to assemble the flower usi…

Fabled Soul

My plans to create a lower priced range of jewellery has temporarily foundered due to lack of proper equipment.  I thought I could use Sand Casting to achieve the desired results but it hasn't quite worked out:/

I really need £1000 worth of casting equipment in the form of a burnout furnace, casting machine, etc.  So for the time being I am looking to other methods to realize my designs.

Meanwhile I have been developing my other string: Fabled Soul, under which I will be creating other pieces of work different to my Sylph Studio jewellery but equally as exciting I hope.

This is the Logo I have been developing for this project:

Staying Focussed

I have been quite busy in various areas of late.  I have created a couple of new rings:

The Garnet ring is available on my website.  The Oak Leaf one will be shortly:

I have also been trying to build a fan base on Facebook, which takes time and perseverance.

I have a couple of orders at the moment and they are quite tricky one's.  I need to get these sorted out before moving on to try casting some jewellery.

I have been working on my Graphic Novel from which I hope to create Sculpture and Jewellery merchandise.  I have tried to avoid some of the cliches associated with Fantasy, (but this is quite difficult), and based the story against a backdrop of real events.  The story does start with a kind of premonition; but it is made clear that the future cannot be foreseen and that intuition is more likely to be involved. 

Here's part 2 of the Stephen Richards Success plan. I'm finding it really useful as my mind is habitually like a box of frogs.
This course is made up of 6 parts and free to follow. I'm hosting it on my website and I don't expect anything in return but it would be appreciated if you could share this with your followers and maybe my Facebook Page:)

I've uploaded the first part of Stephen Richards' Six Part success Plan to my website: LINK

I have been lacking in focus as far as my Jewellery and sculpture are concerned and this course seems to give me clarity.
Just click on the link and download the zip file.  I will be publishing the parts on a weekly basis as I will be following the advice at the same pace as I make it available.
The Success Plan is provided free reflecting the philosophy of its author that the universe rewards the altruist.  But that the reward is not the incentive.

Sylph Studio Re-Brand

UPDATE: I've developed a new look for Sylph Studio and it is live at

It features an online shop and in the 'News' section I have provided a 15% off code.

I have been working on a new Moon-gazing Hare pendant design and came up with this:

I have included a AAA grade Moonstone cabochon in this design.  The metal work hangs freely in front of a highly shiny and iridescent natural Black Lip Mother-Of-Pearl disk.