If The Hut Fits

As I mentioned I had real trouble finding reference for the type of houses people live in in the desert. The 'How The Camel Got Its Hump' story is supposed to be set 'when the world is new' so the 'houses' should be little more than mud huts.

To create my hut I used a piece of round polystyrene packaging and wrapped a piece of card around it. I sized the card with PVA and then coated it with plaster. Finally I painted it with acrylics. The roof was a right pain. I made a cardboard cone and covered it in the 'straw' from a beach mat. At first I thought I could use sections of the mat but it fell apart when I tried to cut it up. In the end it was a job of epic proportions glue gunning individual strands onto the cone. It stands about 16 inches high.

I didn't really give the task enough thought, so I am going to have to make adjustments to the pitch of the roof in Photoshop for each illustration which features the hut.


Sarah said…
How on earth did you do the roof? it looks wicked. Did you roll out each strand of straw?? IMPRESSED!
Chris.P said…
Did you say it looks wicker:¬)

Yes it was a pain sticking each strand on. couldn't think how else to do it.