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Status report

My book commission finally kicks off at the beginning of July when I am expecting the layouts for the illustrations. The story is 'How The Camel Got Its Hump' by Rudyard Kipling. The whole thing is set in the desert, so I am thinking of building an actual stage set rather than creating it digitally.

The twice postponed deadline means my whole summer could be eclipsed by this job. 40-50 illustrations means a lot of work with my style so it will be nose to the grindstone time.

My eldest son has been getting fraught with stress as he approaches the last of his A level exams. He has been pretty unpleasant at times. I made a conscious decision not to bring him up in the oppressive and strict manner that my father applied to me. Maybe the 'hippy' parenting model I adopted was maybe not the best idea. Trying to be both a friend and father is maybe mutually exclusive.

Getting back to the subject of work, the gaps between jobs does feel like a kind of no-mans-land. I wand…


Now I have some time I have decided to animate this character I have decided to stop experimenting with skin subsurface scattering because of the render times. I am going with tied back hair so I only have to animate some loose strands at the front. I have also tweaked the outfit a bit:

I have a spare bit of webspace somewhere out there, so I will set up a webpage with a brief intro to my character's story and some art work.

Tick, tick, tick

Still waiting for the illustration brief from Macmillan. I've been working on digital 3D stuff in the meantime. My eldest son's exams are coming up so he is really tetchy at the moment. I'll post some more WIP's soon.

My Agent just phoned me to say the book commission has been delayed by another month. The manuscript has been sent back to the author for a rewrite. Looks like I will need to find some additional income.