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Where I'm At

I was supposed to meet up with an old friend from college today but as is often the case the working hours of a freelance illustrator and that of a full time worker don't mesh. I haven't seen him for two years such is the brisk passage of time. Maybe it will have to wait for another couple of years. This is one of the problems with being an illustrator. We seemed to exist in another realm.

With the end of the financial year looming I have been trying to buy equipment and software to offset my profits. I have just purchased a new 3D program and at last some wood carving tools.

Illustration is my career again! as I was contacted by my Agent at last today concerning the job which was mentioned to me last month. At first the fee looked a bit low, but it turned out that there are less illustrations required. It is based on one of the Rudyard Kippling stories. Ironically I went into a school a few years back and worked with a class on the story 'How The Giraffe Got It's Long…

This is version II

The organizing committee for the statue fundraising seem a little, well disorganized. Their performance today in arranging a benefit was a bit disconcerting. I suppose the ball is in their court now.

Fingers Crossed

I put well over 10 hours of work into my new mining sculpture today and I recon it's near enough finished. One week to do sculpt a figure and a diorama was pushing it. I think all these years of sculpting figures for my illustrations against the clock has taught me to work quite fast. This latest version has not dried out completely so it's not ideal, but being only seven days old it's in better shape than I could have hoped for.

Tomorrow I am going to take the model to be displayed in the mining town of St Just. There's going to be a fundraising event and people will get the opportunity to vote for their favourite model. I need to photograph the new version so that it can form part of another display in a hotel in Penzance. Votes will be cast here too.


Trying to sort out my son has taken most of my time of late. He needs to lift his grades to get his university place. I'm glad to say he seems to be a lot more committed right now. I just hope he can keep it going.

I got an email from the organizing committee for the miners sculpture today. They wanted a copy of the poster of my submitted design. The actual model, unsuprisingly, is a little worse for wear due to the rushed drying process.

I have though decided to do another design in addition to the one I have already produced. It is based on my original idea which I deviated from after talking to the head of the organizing committee. In future I will always go with my gut instinct.

The general public will vote on their favoured sculpture on Friday, so I intend to get it finished by then. Frankly this is a big ask, but I have built up the model in a holllow form to hopefully avoid the issue of cracking. I'll keep you posted:¬)

WIP: Seated Female Figure

I sculpted this figure as an exercise without reference. I will look for a photograph of a similar pose and define some details. It is made from Beau Touche - wax based clay which I don't really like working with. So when I finish this I am going to start sculpting with real clay which I will fire, and hopefully I will start selling some items!

Time To Get Started

The one thing that has been stopping me from producing ceramics has been studio space. I guess it's been a bit of a convenient problem because it has allowed me to procrastinate. But now I have decided to build an outside studio where I can dry out and fire the sculptures.

Thanks to Tara and Sarah for your input which has convinced me to start off with some small ceramic items. I do though quite like the idea of combining sterling silver with wood or ceramic as jewellery making was something I was interested in pursuing at one point.And I still have most of the equipment to hand.

I forgot to say that the commission I've got coming up is actually from the top bod at Macmillan and not through a design agency as were the last few. He had told my Agent some time ago that my work was fine for the odd illo, but he couldn't see my stuff in a whole book, (although I've done several with another publishers). T…

The Plot Thickens

I'm going to display my sculpture in the library of the town where the statue is proposed to be erected. I phoned them up to see how many there are already on display, and it seems there is only one so far. I was surprised to hear that the one statue was sculpted by my old ceramics tutor. I had a bit of an issue with her. Some teachers feel their students are their competition, particularly in Adult Education. I felt she had a bit of an agenda with me. She used to pump me for information as to where I planned to sell my sculpture, possible types of market or production techniques, etc. She was also a bit disparaging and seldom encouraging. I would be interested to see her reaction when she sees I am contributing a model.

Yesterday I went into St Ives on a fact finding mission. I went into a couple of craft shops/galleries to talk to shop owners about the kind of products that sell well. It seems small colourful ceramics are popular, as are hares, (celtic fertility symbols), tiles w…