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Drying Out

I've had a few issues with me miner sculpture. I had to use a water based clay to resist surface damage during transport. But it will be brittleand prone to cracking as it dries out, due to there being thin sections of clay on a rigid wire armature. I did speak to the chairman of the statue fund raising commitee and he said I could have the necessary extra week or so drying time.

Apparently the original sculptor recons he has the rights to create the statue on the strength of a letter to that effect over a year ago. I know for a fact that this sculptor has sold two copies of the marquette for £900 each, presumably to people who believe it to be the prototype of the actual staue. As the song goes...'There could be trouble ahead...'

I think my version looks ok. I have had no decent reference, as mentioned in my last post. The miner is bare chested so I have tried to guestimate the correct musculature. If this wasn't such a speculative punt I would have paid a model …

Nearly there

Yes I know said this next post would include pictures of the mining statue WIP, but it's proving a bit trickier than expected. It's quite hard to get reference photo's, so I'm having to rely on some pretty poor sources of information. I need to finish it this weekend so it has time to dry out. The decision as to who will get the go ahead will be made at the beginning of March.

I haven't had any contact from my agent since the smoked salmon Christmas gift. I also haven't personally done any Illustration self-promotion this year yet. I'm leaving it in the lap of God for the moment. Which reminds me, I've been befriended by a couple of Jehova's witnesses at the moment who bring me the latest magazines to my door on a monthly basis. BTW why is Jesus depicted on the covers of their mags as looking like a middle class white man with perfect hair and a dazzling white toothy smile?

I am feeling quite positive Artistically, despite the doom and gloom of the cu…

WIP Pics Coming Soon

I've roughed in the miner model in terracotta. To be honest it's not my ideal subject matter. It's the old issue of working to a commission and not really creating the Art I really would prefer to.

I'll show some WIP pics in my next post.

I need to buy some carving tools so I can see how I take to sculpting wood. I quite like the idea of adding mechanical mechanisms, clocks and the like. I have always been interested in mixing art and functionality which is something I always tried to do with college briefs. I also have quite a few books on Celtic tree lore and Celtic Oracles. So there is a connection I feel there.

Sands Of Time

My Son's Dilemma

My son wants to study Optometry. He needs a B and 2 A's in A level science subjects. This is even higher than is required to study as a doctor, mainly because of the small number of universities offering optometry. In a couple of weeks time he has to sit a biology exam followed by Chemistry and Geography. He says he must sacrifice Biology in favour of Chemistry and Geography because, (as mentioned in my previous post), the Biology teaching has left him clueless. If he devotes his time to it he could blow his A grade in Geography, which would mean having to retake the subject with a new curriculum and start again with new coursework. Whereas he can retake his blown Biology exam in June.

I have sanctioned my son bunking off college this week so he can spend the whole time revising Chemistry. I think the system has failed him so drastic action is required. If I get called in by the college I will tell it how it is.

The whole credit crunch thing has thrown the issue …

Bumpy road

The Statue

First off, I spoke to the guy who heads up the commitee which is sponsoring the miners statue. He is of the opinion that it should feature a more modern miner. This is to reflect the fact that the kind of conditions experienced in mining are just as prevalent today as they were back in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Artistically this makes the study less appealing as far as I am concerned. Like a lot of things in art, old fashioned stuff is more interesting. An old galleon in full sail for example looks visually more pleasing than a modern ship. An old wooden barn more so than a corregated metal one. A worn and weathered fence more interesting than a chain link version.

Although the consultation isn't until March they want the submissions in by the end of this month. Also the original artist who designed the first model, is claiming rights to the actual statue. Despite all this I'm still going to go for it.

Family Life

Issues with my son's education have pervaded my th…

In Progress

I have decided that the blog banner should feature a model that better reflects what I can do with clay. So rather than having a rudimentary work on progress sculpture I am producing a more finished version. I have almost finished a reclining figure which I am quite pleased with but I will reserve judgement until I get some response to it in my next post.

I was going to enrol in a wood carving course, but the term fee of £95.00 would be enough to pay for some tools and an instructional video! So I think I'll have to be self taught.

On a different note, I got a call from a bank today trying to sell me insurance. The sales woman was so nice and didn't put any pressure on me to buy. In fact we chatted for sometime. We talked about my job. She said that a friend of hers was an editor for Penguin books but was thinking of changing publisher's because of all the pornography he has to edit!She was Irish and I love the Irish accent. She said she would like to visit Cornwall and I as…

Blog Changes

I am trying to re-vamp my Blog at the moment. I have been trying to get to grips with html and how to match headers to background images. I have featured a work in progress model in this header but I think I need to have a more finished model. I'll keep working on the layout and hopefully I will be happier with it:¬)