Plans are afoot

Although I live within the shadow of an impending illustration project I am really conscious of my lack of progress, creatively. I haven't even scratched the surface of what I want to do. I make half-hearted efforts at the kind of work I'm not really that interested in. It seems to me that anyone can make a good attempt at most things. But unless you are really inspired, moved, or feel 'qualified' to undertake a creative endeavour, it can never meet your expectations. Or in my case the results do meet my expectations in how inept they can turn out.

Don't get me wrong this assessment isn't a negative diatribe borne out of self pity, it is merely a pragmatic reflection of the state of my 'Quest.' So I have decided to regain some focus and learn some technical skills by enrolling on a couple of courses. I have little knowledge of ceramic firing or glazing so I have signed up to a 30 week ceramics course. For some time I have had a number of sketches I've wanted to turn into sculpture, so hopefully I will get the motivation to get started on some. The other course is in wood carving and it will be interesting to see which of the two genres I take to the most.


MackTheKnife said…
Good luck to you, Chris! I don't know about the ceramics course. Never been there. I'm so fumble-fingered that breakable things tend to break around me.

As for the carving, you're going to sail through! You're such a wonderful sculptor, all you're going to have to do is learn how the tools interact with the wood. That's simple. Even I can do that. The tough part about carving is proportions and getting the design right. You're already years ahead of me on that.

I think you're on the right track. When you're blocked creatively in one endeavor, learning another creative skill can break the block.

May the sun be at your back, the wind in your face, and the road always downhill.

good luck with the ceramics! I've alwasy been interrested in that, but I'm not sure where to begin or what the cost of a kiln and clay are. Carving is my life now though. Good luck!
Cathy said…
All sounds like fun, Chris! I've got loads of gag cartoon ideas and I just need to find the time to draw them all out before sending them to places.

Thanks very much for the advice left on the blog - I'll give it a go!

Hope all's well with you!
Chris.P said…
Thanks for the kind words and encouragement Bob. It's great to find people who are passionate about their craft like you are.

Ethan, I bought a kiln from a Japanese friend who retired from a career in ceramics just before she moved back to London. Small hobby kilns cost around £1,000-£2,000. Clay is pretty cheap, and you could just dig it out of your flower beds:¬)

Wood carving being a matter of removal and no chance of putting back like you can with clay, is a bit daunting:¬)

Good luck with the 'toons' Cathy and I hope you resolve your browser issues. Computers are a necessary but annoying, (at times), part of my life too.

Things are on the up thanks. My son finally seems to be benefitting from some holistic therapy:¬)
I'm glad to hear about your son. It's so hard to watch our kids suffer.

I know what you mean about being 'moved' makes for better art. But you're right - technical skill is a hugely important ingredient as well. I think when we have the skill set down, we are then able to leave ourselves more open to inspiration and the things that 'move' us, and can also actually address them in our art... Still working on the skill set. (The popular book making the rounds right now, "Outliers:The Story of Success" by Malcolm Gladwell talks about needing at least 10,000 hours at something to begin to approach mastery. I figure I have about 5000 hours left to go...)
Chris.P said…
Thanks for the reply Tara:¬)

I'll check that book out. It sounds really interesting.