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Tooling Up

There's a lot of equipment that I need to make my life a bit easier for producing jewellery and sculpture.  But until I'm established I'm just going to have to make do with manual tools or use some ingenuity.  A Bobbin sander should look like the picture below:
But as they cost from £130 upwards I decided to build my own from wood, screws, dowels, a hinge and a hasp:)  I worked out that I would need to secure a drill in place with a hinged lid before fixing a sanding drum, as there wouldn't be enough clearance to get the drill and the bit through the hole in the lid.  This meant I would need a separate sanding platform put in place after the attachment was fitted. This is located on top with dowels.  Here's the result of my afternoon's efforts,(no sanding drum yet-waiting on an order from Ebay:)):

Most of my silver jewellery is going to be inspired by the trees and plants venerated by Ancient Britons.  I often walk up local hills take in my surroundings and sketc…

Life, The Universe And Everything...well not quite...or even close

Ok, here goes....
On Life....
First of all I'd like to extend my deepest sympathy to those involved in the M5 crash on the 4th of November 2011; to the families who lost loved ones, those who were injured and those who were lucky enough to survive.
On the night of the accident I was driving 'up country' from Cornwall with my wife and son and made our usual stop at Cullompton Services to stretch our legs.  What was unusual was having to put some more petrol in my tank.  I have never underfilled before and I have been doing this journey for 15 years. 
It was this unscheduled stop and difficulties with obtaining a coffee that proved a Godsend.  A coachload of students suddenly joining the queue at Macdonalds prevented a quick getaway, and a shopkeeper opening the coffee machine to clean it meant I would be compelled to buy a coffee from the onsite petrol station.  This provided a seemingly innocent dilemma involving a choice of danish pastries offered in a deal. My son is fussy …

Change Of Plan

This is a quick rough sketch of the garage kit I'll be creating.  It will be around 30cm high and is based on a scene from the graphic novel I'm working on.

I have created the armature and started to bulk it out with foil.  I will show them in my next post.

I have found working directly with flesh coloured polymer so incredibly restricting that i have had to shelve my previous project.  The Puppen Fimo was a nightmare to blend and smooth and the addition of dilutent made the clay mushy.  Also the attempts to keep the polymer free of dust proved distracting.
I will be using Super Sculpey Firm for this build as it is a joy to work with and makes the sculpting process so much more intuitive.