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Workshop/Goal Update

Since my last post I built the bigger foundations from pressure treated timber and turned the shed 90 degrees.

I added a window frame and glazed it.

I can't afford to do the extension yet so I am starting to insulate it as is, then extend it later.

I'm using Celotex and MDF boarding as the cheapest/most efficient option.

Goal-wise I am making slow progress.  A lot does depend on this new work-space.  I can't really get started on my projects until it's finished.

I have met up with a couple of people in my efforts to fill the void in my social life.  I didn't get the feeling however that these people crave my company.  Conversations on Facebook are also pretty one-sided with the other parties losing interest pretty quickly.

As to my surfing ambitions, well I finally bought a wet suit but it is yet to be used in anger on account of the weather. :/

I had an interesting meeting with the owner of a Design Company up the road.  There seems to be an opportunity for …

Slow But Steady

I'm making progress towards setting up a workshop/studio but I'm having to finance this through Jewellery Sales.

I'm going to join a new shed to an existing one by adding a wooden foundation and rotating the old one 90 degrees.  The two together will give me an 8 x 12 working area; not massive but ok for now.  I will put a skylight from a salvage yard in the roof as loads of light is essential.

I have a commission to make an Engagement Ring at the moment and this is taking up most of my time.  The three preliminary sketches are shown below:

The couple went for the third one. 

I actually enjoyed real human interaction yesterday meeting up with an old college friend in Falmouth.  She lives in Wales so this is not a friendship that involves much of a face to face connection.

Being with people is something I thrive on but unfortunately it happens far too infrequently.  And as fleeting as the meeting was I was at least happy to discuss things with someone who is not family.  I hope …


Because this Blog appears pretty anonymous, I feel less inhibited than on Facebook.  I can spout inane ramblings at will without fear of subconsciously seeking validation and populating people's Timelines with stuff they simply don't give s crap about.In that vein...Things seem pretty dormant at the moment.  My eldest is still at home until he goes back to Uni. My youngest...well we have little idea what his or rather her immediate plans are.  My outlook on life has changed, it must be allowed to go where it will.  I used to be so obsessed with my kid's career prospects.  Who'd have known that we have very little control of our children's lives once they get through adolescence. They must be left to find their own path. Over interference is counterproductive.My wife is still enjoying the school break and I'm enjoying the time with her and the kid's;  but there is a little fear that when she goes back, the spectre of loneliness might descend on me even thoug…

The Final Frontier

Friends Facebook has been my weapon of choice in terms of social interaction for a long while now.  It is a poor substitute when used as a replacement to meeting people face to face. Yet this is how I have been using it for years.
I read some Blogger's take on what appears on our Facebook timelines which highlighted some issues I had become desensitized to; Posts which have been coined 'Humble Brags,' boasts often disguised as self-deprecation.  Such as:
"I'm going crazy..stuck on a flight to Paris for 12 hours with nothing but my iPhone and laptop to entertain me. Someone help me."
Or mundane bulletins of day to day life.  Both of these 'crimes' I have occasionally been guilty of but I will be careful not to partake in now.
To be fair much of my News Feed is populated with links to interesting articles/artwork etc. But a lot of it I don't find life affirming.
A major frustration for me is the way Personal Message conversations peter out.  It's like…

New Pieces And Website Refurb

I have given my website a bit of a facelift.  Quite similar to the look of this Blog.  The look will change again though when I start producing Comic Book Style Figures and T-Shirts.

This is the new Logo:

I quite the look of this mock-up I did of a more edgy web design:

In the meantime here are a couple of rings I created recently.  Both are OOAK's and I made them up on the hoof.

My Agent contacted me the other day about the possibility of doing some Illustrations for an old client, Macmillan Books.  They are thinking of going back to some Children's Educational Workbooks and adding more content.

So artistically I'm all over the place at the moment.

New Pieces

These are my latest pieces.  I have a few more Charm Rings to add to my range before moving on to other things.  I am trying to make the photographs a bit more interesting.  I'd appreciate any feedback. 

Sketches And Doodles

I've been working on my drawing skills and working on possible sculpture and Silver Jewellery ideas.  The first image needs work particularly to the hair, the second is made up of doodles of possible broach/pendant designs, the third is a possible figure kit. :)

It's a hard life... a freelance Artist.  It can be a solitary life if you don't share a Studio and there are no people to bounce ideas off and gauge the appeal of your work.

Over the past few weeks I have been trying to find my path.  I am/was an Illustrator, and a couple of years ago hit a purple patch where I was doing back to back commissions.  This run came to an end when the Publisher got into difficulties. Since then the recession hit and work dried up.  This didn't affect everyone, but my work is a little more expensive than most due to the processes involved so I was hit harder.

So I decided to go back to jewellery design and orders started to come in. But here again things have declined somewhat.  My problem is that I produce bespoke pieces at near 'off the peg' prices.  If I wanted to be cost effective I would need to be courting the high end customer.  But I am at a disadvantage of not living near a big city.

So I have sent my Illustration Samples out into the world to see i…

At Last A Plan!

Well it finally happened.  I have mapped out my future goals.

I had been waiting for a point in time where my career options appeared limited, where I was devoid of work before making the ultimate decision.

Jewellery orders dried up, Illustration commissions nowhere to be seen. In the absence of hope I find the freedom to act.

There are two goals: To generate an income from a creative pursuit which I don't necessarily find completely fulfilling but which can pay the bills.

And a supplementary goal that makes up for what's lacking from the above; but will in fact take over as my main goal in the long run.

Both these aims will require funding for equipment which ironically could be provided by Jewellery sales and Illustration commissions.  To which end I have increased promotion of both through networking and the sending out of Illustration Postcards, (see below :)).

Earning A Living

I received four jewellery commissions this week and this included three Moon-Gazing Pendants.  This seems to be my most popular piece at the moment.

I am getting reasonable numbers of orders at the moment but nothing like a sustainable income.  There must be ways to upscale this fledgling business like this, but I'm not sure a viable living could be made.

So although I will still welcome new orders, I will be concentrating on developing my Digital Art.  I'll then pitch this to my Agent and see how things go.  In the absence of Jewellery commissions, I will also be working on some Comic Book style sculpture.

The Future

I never really intended for Jewellery to be the mainstay of Fabled Soul.  But whenever I tried to move into other creative streams another commission would materialise to divert my attention.

I'm not sure I have enough to offer in terms of my Jewellery.  If I was producing pieces of real universal appeal I would expect a greater following.  I must heed the signs and move on to what perhaps I am destined to do.

So I now find myself in open water and as much as it is daunting it also offers great possibilities.  I have avoided putting my all into areas of Art that I most want to succeed in.  This is probably borne out of a fear of not being as good in these areas as I think/hope I am.

Has the time finally come to take that leap of hope?