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Finally I'm back

I've been putting a lot of effort into ceramics and CGI in the past few weeks. None of the ceramic work in progress has really been ready for posting.

I have found the ceramics course useful in that it has shown the limitations of the medium with my style of work. I prefer to create detailed sculpture but working using clay with its particular properties, has proved a bit frustrating. I will concentrate my efforts with other sculpture mediums which I think suit me better. The tutor is full of praise for me but I know I have yet to get anywhere near the level I aspire to.

There are people on the ceramics course who I have felt a connection with. Unfortunately they are all women on the course so these friendships will not be sustainable. So I guess I'm back to square one in some ways. I think my illustration career has bid me a fond farewell. I gave it a good go but couldn't quite get onto the next rung of the ladder. Getting a number of books published was more than I could h…