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I am in need of studio space so I hope to move house and build something custom made.  I have appointed an Agent but like with Illustration I mustn't rest on my laurels and leave things to the 'experts' so I am trying to help things along by advertising on Gumtree and in local shops.
My 3 Bed Semi in carbis Bay, Cornwall
My last few commissions have been 'Charm Rings.'  The deadlines have been a bit tight so I haven't had time to photograph them all.  The exceptions are those shown below.  
The customer has requested simple charms such as the star and more intricate ones such as the rose.  The little sculptures are quite tricky and play havoc with my fingers and eyesight:/ 
I create the pattern using a two part epoxy putty as this holds detail well.  In the case of the rose, my tools were too clumsy to sculpt it so I had to assemble the flower usi…