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Introducing My Dark Side...

This is the Blog where I intend to show my masculine side:)  I am working on up-cycled stuff and to be honest it is proving challenging.  But it is making me use my brain a bit more and in different ways.

My 'studio' is a bit like a gun runners den at the moment, in that I have dozens of bullets, shell casings, clips etc.  I am trying to create something altogether more peaceful and harmonious with them.

I am still creating new designs for women's jewellery but I hope to target the discerning customer with less money to spare.  I have been re-investing most of my earnings in equipment, including the means to cast silver.  So this should allow me to produce things at a lower cost.

I now have a lot of camera studio equipment now including a soft-box and continuous lighting.  So things have improved in terms of photographing my products.

Spiral Necklace

Here are a couple of more professional looking pictures of the necklace I created:

This necklace surprised me by weighing more than 17 grams or 21 grams including the Mother-Of-Pearl beads.  

I'm not sure that selling expensive jewellery is the way to go on Etsy.  Most of the successful sellers seem to have cheaper items.  I am looking at different ideas including maybe stopping production of this kind of jewellery altogether.

What Am I Doing?....

...I wish I knew, but whilst I decide I've been carrying on with the jewellery.
I have come up with another couple of designs.  The first being a variation on the Moonstone and Oak Leaf Ring I produced before.  This one is a bit simpler to make in that I can solder the leaves and not worry about allowing for the  burnishing of the bezel because there is no overlap of leaf over bezel in this design.
This Rainbow Moonstone is nice and clear and produces a really vibrant blue glow.

This is a quick snap of a necklace I'm working on that features Rainbow Moonstones, dyed Mother-Of-Pearl, a hammered spiral and large links, finished with a Navette Trace chain, all in Sterling Silver.

I enjoy creating jewellery for women although some of the technicalities of my designs make life a bit difficult and not wonderfully profitable.  If you go by cost of materials versus sale price it's ok, but if time is factored in, not so good.  Am I trying to start a business or maintain a hobby?  


Getting Down To It


I have just finished a couple of jewellery commissions including these:

Could be the last of this type for a while though.  

I'm trying to work with Silver Clay and although it gives more creative possibilities it is proving limited for my style of jewellery.  It is VERY expensive and in order to produce anything of fine detail you need to fashion master models and make press moulds from them before casting in the clay.  I made a 3cm long mermaid in sculpey, (which is not the ideal material for this scale), and created a silicone mould. I found that sculpting under a magnifying glass challenging but a little tedious to be honest.  I'll show the results in my next post.

So I've basically discounted Precious Metal Clay as a medium,  and complex wrought metal shaping and soldering.  So that leaves Centrifugal casting or Delft Clay casting.  Delft Clay is the least expensive equipment-wise, so I'll be trying this next.


The illustrations I created for Bramb…