Desert dwelling Man

Right here's the man, again modelled within a couple of days. This is against the backdrop of pandemonium which is breaking out within immediate family circle. I won't go into details, (as I've decided to keep this blog 'on message' apart from the odd moan I'll have from time to time:¬)). But as most of you will know, trying to illustrate or craft something when things are going off around you, Is not so flippin easy. Despite being an unwilling participant in in any drama, my life is turning into one of those Soap Opera's which I avoid watching like the plague. The irony isn't lost on me:¬) Desert Hut next. I can find hardly any reference material for desert huts, so I'm really winging it on this one.


Sarah said…
What about a bedouin tent instead of a hut? pleanty of refs for those.

Soap opera's?tell me about it!
Chris.P said…
I guess that would be easier sarah. But the story is supposed to be set 'when the world is new' so the people would probably have lived in mud huts.
Sue said…
I like the way this is looking so far, Chris.
Good luck with the family stuff, I know what it's like!