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Xyla's Quest Chapter 1 Update

Merrdyn poured Hagen some Mead and joined him in a drink next to the hearth.  The beakers were particularly fine, befitting his status as High Druid, carved from the finest horn with silver mounts which glinted in the firelight.  He passed one to his friend whose large hands dwarfed the vessal which he eagerly put it to his lips.
       Hagen used an iron rod to revive the flagging fire, sending up sparks which flitted like fireflies into the roofspace and plumes of smoke that permeated the straw thatch.
The two old friends stared at the flames transfixed by their hypnotic dance.  A loud 'crack' from a candescent log stirred Merrdyn from his trance and prompted him to speak.
        "I fear the dark days foretold in my visions are nearly upon us," said Merrdyn.  Consumed by trepidation his gaze drifted away from Hagen's face and became lost in the middle distance.  Hagen tried to bring him back with words of reassurance.  "We have heeded many bad omens and sur…