'orsing About

This is the next of the characters to roll off the production line. I started yesterday evening so it turned around quite quick. I have added details such as a bridle for it, (not shown) but the whole thing still needs a bit more smoothing. Its head more or less evolved on its own.

I never used to like horses but have developed some respect for their physical presence since creating this and my only other previous effort. I didn't use reference as I felt there is enough leeway in accuracy with more 'cartoony' style horse.


Cathy said…
Chrispy - he's WONDERFUL - what a fabulous face!
Sue said…
Brill bobbo! And I've bookmarked your blog too. :-)
Sarah said…
My word you are churning them out! hey ho silver...
Chris.P said…
Thanks Cathy, so havw you:¬)

I appreciate that Sue. I've been meaning to add you to my list of Illustrator's. I'll do that tomorrow.

I've got to get a bit of a move on Sarah as I have so much to do. I've just finished the second most important character, the 'Desert Man' so I'll post that tomorrow.

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