Camel or high water...

..I will finish the models for my brief: 'How The Camel Got Its Hump.' I decided to make the main model twice as big as normal. I'll post an image tomorrow.

Saw the Latest Harry Potter film. Got to say I was a bit disappointed. Not really enough action for me. The film went out with a whimper rather than a bang.

I'm looking forward to joining the two adult education classes in September. I made a couple of good friends the last time I went to college. Unfortunately they went back to Wales and London. It's hard work cultivating friendships and is pretty sad when they leave you. Living where I do and being freelance, opportunities for making friends don't come along so often.


Gina said…
Sounds like you will have a nice time. I find that working at home on my computer, sort of eliminates the whole friend thing for me. Good thing I've got the net and blog buddies : )
Chris.P said…
Hi Gina good to hear from you.

I guess the internet is a useful lifeline but sometimes it just frustrates me with the lack of tangibility.
Sarah said…
Oh Chris!

May be I should get webcam then we could pull silly faces at each other...not quite tangible...but almost!

Doing courses is a great idea, not only to meet people but I always found them creatively stimulating too....brain storming.
Chris.P said…
A web cam could be a good idea, although it would mean I'd have to tidy the studio:¬)

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