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34 Down...

...7 to go!

These 7 are the trickiest. I have found it hard trying to produce over 40 illustrations in a relatively short time, given my style of work. I hope I have managed to keep the standard up. I still need to produce a CGi backdrop; and I can't finish a couple of the images without the order of Warhammer gravel I need for one of the stage sets. I hope it arrives in time.
Well I'm really having to put the hours in now and I really have an unbelievable amount to do. The next few days will be really critical as to whether I can meet the deadline.

1st Off The Press

Here is the first of the illustrations to roll off the production line. Because of the difficult shooting order the camel had to have its hump surgically removed for this image. It was a bit of a pain matching the sandy foreground to the CGI background, (in terms of camera angle and shading). But hopefully now susequent illo's will be easier. The bottom left hand corner is reserved for text.

Just deserts

Well I've modelled, posed and photographed all the props, and characters, (except for the menagerie inthe final illustration of the book). Next job is to get the backdrops sorted out. The previous version of the desert, I recently posted, had a few issues with the hills and textures. I had to go back to square one and remake the scene in 3D. Here it is: