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I've just posted a VR model of Zac on my site. I've been working on the rig so I can pose him. I'll probably create a little lip-synch animation which I'll add to my site later.

Click herefor mini VR tour of Zac:)Click and drag on the model to turn. File is about 900k

PC Recovery

Managed to sort out my website. My Pc got infected with the Ramnit virus on the 3rd Oct which attacks HTML and exe files. It propagated over 5,000 pieces of malicious code on my system and uploaded itself to my website. So 'Stop badware' blocked access to my pages.

Some forums suggested wiping my entire hardrive but I used Malwarebytes then an excellent online scanner 'Eset' which mopped up the last few hidden viruses. I'm now running 'Microsoft Security Essentials' which seems really efficient and unobtrusive. Google have given my site the all clear as have 'StopBadware' after I asked them to recheck my site.

Last Acorn Dummy Finished

I have finished writing and re-writing this children's story. I have also completed the roughs which I simply scanned and coloured in Photoshop. I just have to create a couple of finished illustrations which will represent the type of image I intend to feature in the finished book.

Here are a couple of the roughs: