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Has The Tide Turned?

Yes I think it has. Why? for many reasons.

I used to feel that any major change in lifestyle or thinking or whatever had to be at some poignant time. I used to think that the turning of the year was that time. I had at least three bites of the cherry: the New Year, The Chinese New Year, (my mother in law is Chinese), or the Celtic New Year, (Samhain). But I decided to make the changes on the 17 of February. The date had no significance, although now I guess it does.

What's changed? I have, or at least the process has started. The one thing that has dominated my life since childhood and has been perpetuated by events and physical factors was my lack of CONFIDENCE. I have started to address this, and almost instantaneously my life has changed. I used to shy away from people, get hot flushes when talking to a stranger, avoid eye contact with people. I'd dreaded even being served by a cashier.

I took my son up to Cardiff, Wales on wednesday to an Open Day at the university he hopes …

It's been a long tweek

...but I've finally got a scroll on my blog. I always wanted one for some reason. Because there is no set length to a Blog page, in a given month, a scroll seems the ideal solution. It still needs a bit of perfecting though.

I've nearly finished the model I've been working on so I'll post that this week.

I did a bit of Cosmic Ordering this morning using a meditation CD by Stephen russell, (His Website). Although I have decided to devote my energies to sculpture, (I realise that I'm not going to start making money from this overnight), I 'placed an order' for an illustration commission at 9.30 am, then fell asleep, only to be woken up by a phonecall from my agent with a possible 30-40 pages of illustrations!! Now that is the fastest an order has been responded to for me. I haven't had a job from them since November so I'm inclined to believe the Cosmic Ordering did the trick:¬) The job isn't due in 'till April though, so there's a bit of ti…

Collecting Wood

I went to Trencrom Hill again to try and find some suitable wood for carving. There are a few trees at its base, Hawthorne, Elder, White Poplar and a small Oak, (the most sacred tree to the Druids and are said to be inhabited by Dryad's or tree spirits).

The Poplar tree stands right at the bottom of the hill path, and is one of only a few trees of its type in the local area. It seems quite lonely so I make a habit of saying hello to it when I come to the hill:¬) It has a nervous disposition. Christian myth says its leaves tremble as a punishment meted out to it after it was used to form the timbers of the cross. To the Celts the poplar has strong connection with the winds which are said to 'speak' when the leaves rustle together. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the tree the next time I visit.

I managed to find a fallen bough of an Oak and Hawthorne but I have no idea how easy they will be to carve. Here are a couple more shots on the hill. Its summit has a numb…

Life Audit

I am going to divide my posts in to two from now on. The first part will concern my work and inspiration. The second part will basically consist of me moaning or observations on life. So in this way you are free to ignore the second part:¬)

I'm still working on a couple of models and they are not finished enough to be posted yet. In the meantime here are a couple of pictures taken local to me here in West Cornwall. The first is Mounts Bay, the other is of St Ives.

'Oneness / Non-Duality' philosophy - A Cautionary Tale Right here we go:¬) I have left facebook for a while. The final straw was when a 'friend' I have known for a some years removed me as a 'friend'. We had met on 'the Barefoot Doctors forum,' (The BFD a now defunct Taoist Guru in my eyes, after admitting to seducing vulnerable supposedly ex 'patients'). She got into this 'oneness/non duality' philosophy which I think changed her from a kind and generous person into an aggres…

The Eden Project At Night

Here are a few pictures from our visit. It was really atmospheric at night and there were very few people around. In fact we had one of the biomes to ourselves at one point! The indoor picture of the palms in the temperate dome was a bit blurry because I didn't use a flash, and a 1 second shutter speed is not ideal when you are balancing the camera on someones shoulder:¬)

Imbolc And The Willow

The end of January and beginning of February is marked by the Celtic festival of Imbolc. It may not feel like it, given the bad weather we are experiencing, but this is the time when in nature things begin to stir. It is a time for initiation and healing, creativity, acting on inspiration.

The Willow is the tree most associated with Imbolc. It is known as the tree on enchantment. It's a water seeking tree, linked to female rhythms, the pull of the moon, intuition, dreams and visions.

Willow wands were used to help invoke the Muses, release emotions, and bring vivid dreams. Green willow worn by jilted lovers is a symbol of emotion and heartache.

Willow reminds us to to be flexible, to make the best of every situation , and to act on our intuition.

The Celts were in touch with nature, they didn't try to fight it or violate it. The further we move away from nature the more our values decline. I feel with my work I am looking to go back to the the more natural way of creat…

Driving Home

On the way back from Penzance the sun began to set over Trencrom Hill. So I quickly pulled over and took this picture before the colours began to fade.

The hill isn't that well defined in this image but it is the vantage point from which I took the photograph in this blog's banner. It is steeped in the legends of giants and spriggan's. It has two wells and several hundred years ago it was crowned with a hill fort.

It's A Miner Miracle...

...that I managed to get some pictures before the model cracked too badly. It has a coating of vaseline to prevent it drying out too fast. I have to cut out the backgrounds of 36 images before I can create the VR movie of the rotating statue. It looks ok I think but a 7 foot version would have much nicer detail than this 14 incher.

Cracking Up

The miner sculpture is in major trouble, ('scuse the play on words). Although I am trying to dry it out slowly, it is starting to crack, as the deeper layers contract against the armature. And OMG! It needs to be presented to the committee some time next week! My best chance is to partially rehydrate the statue and cover it in vaseline to keep the moisture in. As a back up I'll photograph through 360 degrees to produce a virtual tour of the statue.

Self Promotion Postcard

While I'm waiting for my sculpture to dry I though I'd better at least attempt some self-promotion. I have ordered 50 over sized postcards featuring the designs below. I have also added a grayscale design on the back featuring vignettes of some of my characters.