The Ox

Here's a quick snap of the Ox which features in the story. Next up is the desert dwelling man. The roughs had quite a few comments on them and the outfit of the man in the story is worrying me a bit. I'll get on with it now and send an image to the Art Director for approval. I wouldn't want to crack on with all the photographs if the model isn't right.


Sarah said…
He looks very startled!
Chris.P said…
I think it might be because I'd just stuck on its tail. I'm not always that accurate:¬)
MackTheKnife said…
I think I'd look a lot more startled than that if some one had just rammed a . . . . well, never mind.

The models are great, Chris. I want that ox!

He is darling (and kind of looks like he's made of milk chocolate. :-).
Chris.P said…
I just hope that never befalls you Bob:¬)

Well Tara I did once make a chocolate moose:¬)
Cathy said…
Aaawww! Has he just seen a Bovril advert?