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Going With The Flow....

I'mbusy finishing up some models for a children's board book. Not exactly the kind of work I planned to be doing at this stage of my career.  But this is the only work that has presented itself to my Agent of late.

I have though been receiving a number of jewellery commissions, including:

The increasing sales of my jewellery designs is giving me more confidence that there could be a possible business there.  But I need to work on designing pieces that are easier to produce.  

I have also been working on a sculpture which has had to be put on the back-burner whilst I was trying to finish the illustration job, and this will also have to wait until after I finish making the Moon Gazing Hare pendant.  This involves cutting and shaping the two colours of Mother Of Pearl, soldering a circle of square wire to a fine silver bezel strip, soldering a tree and casting a hare in Fine silver; then soldering a loop and ring for a chain and burnishing the MOP in place!

There are big changes goin…