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Christmas Day Pilgrimage

On Christmas Day we try to make a point of walking up Trencrom. This is a hill close to our house with commanding views over West Penwith and topped with the remains of roundhouses and the remnants of a Hill Fort.  It really was blowing a gale up there, the nearest thing to having Botox treatment with the cold wind battering your forehead:)
In the first picture you can just make out some of the stones that formed a Roundhouse.
The second picture is the view towards St Michael's Mount.

The route up was really blowy and the path very rutted and muddy.

I tried to take a video of the slightly haphazard route down to the well.  There is plenty of camera shake as I tried to keep my feet whilst filming.  Offerings are often left there to the Spirit of the well; a tradition I expect has continued for centuries.

Prize draw Winner

Congratulations to Rhyan Ragadio who wins this month's prize draw.

But as a big thank you to those who took part, next month I will email you a special offer on a selected item of jewellery I'm sure you will like.  

I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a happy and healthy 2013:)

Yuletide Greetings

I didn't get time to Illustrate a card this year, but in the spirit of conservation I recycled this one but added some snow:)

My last piece of 2012

Oak Leaf And Moonstone Necklace And Earrings

Firstly thank you to those who have become my new followers:)  I admit you may have been slightly coerced into joining by my competition but I hope I will keep your interest now you are here.
I will probably run some more giveways in the near future.  If you haven't entered yet, you still have a few days:) 

Here are a couple of pieces I finished yesterday.  I am probably going to put them on Etsy as a matching set.  I more or less improvised with the making of these, just starting with a thumbnail sketch and ad-libbing from there.
The pendant leaves were made from 2 different gauges of sheet silver. The upper one was from 1mm sheet as this needed to be strong, only being supported from one point.  The lower leaf had to be thinner so I could burnish the leaf over the moonstone.  This meant I had to solder a supporting 'rib' of silver underneath give it strength.  Otherwise it would easily be bent. 

Oak Leaf Pendant WIP This is how the pendant started out life: A Moonstone, piece…

Jewellery Patterns

Here are a couple of pendant/broach designs I've been working on for casting in silver or bronze.  The materials don't really suit the task though.  Polymer clay is a great medium for creating models but when a finer level of detail is required, epoxy resins such as Milliput or Green stuff, or even wax based materials work better.  I just used what came to hand:)  I can refine these patterns a bit more, particularly the owl's plumage.  But the feather's are small and fiddly.  But once in metal I should be able to get a good finish.
The jewels in the owl's eyes are just placed there to give an idea of the intended finish to the piece.  I haven't got any proper lost wax casting equipment so i'm going to try using a sand casting type method using Delft Clay.  This will probably work for the owl but not for the heart as it is probably too delicate using this technique.  I'll give Prometheus Bronze clay a go by making a silicone push mould and pressing the cl…


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