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New Zac Spanner WIP Pages

I've added the three couple of pages of Zac's first adventure to my site:

Zacharia-as mum knows him

Here is Zachary wearing the jumper his mum knitted for him out of Yaks wool. She also styled his hair, chose his trousers and shoes. Poor guy!

Zac-homage to Billy The Cat

When I was a kid I had a tough time at primary school and spent a lot of time escaping, something I've continued to this day:)

At that time my grandad ran a newspaper distribution company so I used to get The Beano regularly. It featured a character called Billy The Cat. He was an ordinary kid who would transform to a super hero, chase down criminals and save classmates from bullies. I could have done with him at my school:) But it was a comfort reading his adventures at night when I was bullied at school during the day. Aspects of my character Zac pays homage to him and with his backpack and helmet:).