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Mazey Day 2009

This year's festival was absolutely heaving with people. I have been going there for 8 years now and I have never seen so many people.

As usual the highlight for me was the Samba band.I'll try to post a video soon.


I guess I might have come across as a bit obsessive recently regarding my son. It was pretty intense. His mood swings and general stress levels were mind boggling. Hopefully things will work out ok.

I really do have a load of work to do now. I have only just started to do the research necessary for this brief. I'm already flippin' fed up with camels. What is it with their legs? How the hell do they bend like that? Two knee's in each leg!

I went to the Falmouth Illustration Students Graduation Show on Saturday here in Cornwall. I go every year to gain inspiration and top up my enthusiasm. Also to analyze trends in terms of style, or the area of the illustration industry the work is predominately aimed at. There seemed to be a creeping away from Children's Illustration towards Editorial or Advertising in recent shows.

There did seem to be an overall lower standard of pure drawing ability. But there were a few stand out good illustrator's. This is the website of my perso…

Last Bit Of CGI

This how far my attempts to create realistic CGI skin got. Now I must abandon the project for a couple of months while I concentrate on the children's book commission. Now it's camels, oxon and deserts all the way from now on.

When I contemplated not being able to work on my own projects, due to the demands of this paid work, the one thing that popped into my head was a regret of not being able to sculpt wood, rather than the CGI. So I'll have to try to squeeze some extra-curricular activity of this sort into any available time.


Phew! at last my son's exams are over. He seems to be much happier. Results aren't due out until August

I have got 40+ illustration roughs to do in a very short time now. I will really need to crack on with them and start work on the main character in clay. I will post the first prototypes ASAP.

One of the things I have learned this week is that most homeopathic medicines don't seem to work. It took a prescription of sleeping pills, (a class 3 drug), to actually get my son to sleep over the past week or so. All the money spent on Valerian etc was a complete waste.

The only exception to this is possibly Bach Flower remedies like 'Rescue Remedy' which seem to have a positive effect. It is interesting to me that one of the women who run a local 'spiritual shop' is prescribed drugs to alleviate depression. So surely all the crystals she sells to her clientele for such conditions can't do what she claims they can.

All Change

I've decided to revamp my blog. Bits are in mid-change so please bear with me.

Long Time No Post

Well things have been a bit fraught chez moi recently. My eldest son's A levels conclude next week. He has 3 exams still to do. It has been a major battle getting him to revise at the expense of wasting time on the internet. He has been really stressed so I took him to the doctors the other week to see if he could be given something to help him sleep on the nights before his exams.

The tablets the doc prescribed seemed a bit heavy duty so we tried to persist with the homeopathic ones he has been taking. Unfortunately due to his exam nerves he was still awake at 2.30 am, and when I checked again it was 5 am and he still hadn't slept at all. In desperation we gave him half a sleeping pill in the hope he would get at least 5 hours sleep yet not be too drowsy for the exam. Things just about turned out ok on the day.

It's looking dodgy whether or not he will get the required grades because he is not really putting enough effort into revision. He secured a job at Specsavers this …

Come In Your Time Is Up

I have just received the go ahead for the book illustrations. This means my personal projects will have to go on hold. I had just started to get back into some real sculpture as well as working on the digital project. Here's another outfit:

I quite like designing clothes but maybe I've left it a bit late to be a fashion designer:¬)

Not sure which one I prefer out of the four.