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Logo For Possible Male Accessories and Tees

I boughta couple of Dot Com's: Arcane Factory and Arcane Wear; with a view to perhaps creating masculine jewellery/accessories and maybe T-shirts.  I always enjoyed screen printing at college and this is something I might explore.

Arcane: Requiring secret knowledge to be understood; mysterious;esoteric, known or understood by very few; mysterious; secret; obscure;esoteric.

The name is evocative of the style I would be interested in developing. A sort of fantasy/steam-punk/industrial/nature range of pieces. It may seem odd to have a mix of nature and industry but you will have to watch this space to see how or if it works.

I'm currently producing a few more pieces of wrought silver 'naturalistic' women's jewellery; but I will soon be creating cast pieces which I hope will further reflect my interest in figurative sculpture.

Two New One-Off Nature inspired Pendants

These are two of my latest pieces.  As usual they were inspired by the nature around me here in West Cornwall.  The larger one is 45mm in diameter, the smaller 20mm which I finished today. The silver weight is 6.4g and 3g consecutively.

They were both created freehand with the elements cut, forged and positioned in a way most pleasing to my eye.  The smaller piece has a Garnet cabochon set in the flower with a fine silver bezel.

The first pendant is already listed.  The second one is more affordable and will be available later today.