First Humph!

This is a quick test shot of the camel model I've been working on. It's about 14 inches high. It still needs a bit of smoothing, tweaking and I need to add eyelashes, (possibly from a doll if I can kidnap one of my wife's old ones:¬)).

Like people, models can turn out to be photogenic or not so photogenic. I think Humph is not too bad judging by this test shot.

I feel a period of creative energy coming on so I hope to start revealing several ideas in the coming weeks.


Sarah said…
Looking can buy eyelashes in Tesco for about a fiver...I would however like to see the look on the check out girls face when you buy them! LOL
Chris.P said…
Thanks Sarah:¬)'false eyelashes' could be the solution I'm looking for.

Yes purchasing them could be uncomfortable:¬)
He looks fabulous Chris! I hope you are enjoying this.

Why do you think it'll take a sledgehammer to 'de-cutify' you? You're 3D stuff is not cute... Try a melding...?
Chris.P said…
Cheers Tara:¬) I'm kinda enjoying it. Got loads of models to go yet though, 20 odd!!!
Cathy said…
He's lovely - much better mannered and far less obnoxious than most of the camels I've met.

At least, the ones I've met when I've been out shopping.