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New Website With Its Own Blog

This Blog has changed from Sylph Studio to Fabled Soul.  This name change was important to reflect the change in direction for my work.  I will still create jewellery but I will be extending the scope of what I produce.

I have just set up a new Website with a more professional shop set-up which includes a Newsletter sign up facility, Gift Vouchers, Blog and frilly bits:)

I will post regularly on my Site but I will also duplicate the Posts on here just in case you don't make it over there:)

I have been doing mainly commissions in the form of Charm Rings at the moment including these Butterfly and Paw Prints:

What the customer wants the customer gets...hopefully:)

I have also found a new host for my illustration site:

I still love Illustration so I want to promote this aspect of my career.  I'm thinking though of developing a more digital style of work for Fabled Soul which will feed into my Illustration work on Story Portal.