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SSS is sub-surface scattering, And I hate it! In 3D circles It is the name given to the effect of light as it enters our skin and reflects back through the layers. It is a pain to set up, and each little tweek has to be rendered for at least 15 minutes just to see the results of the adjustment. I tried the effect on the model in the previous post. It has taken hours to try to get right. I think it gives a more natural look to the skin.I just need to work out how to gloss the lips

Hair Apparent

At last I seem to be getting to grips with the 3D hair. Unlike my previous efforts this hair is not Photoshopped. This gives me more options within the 3D software. The Macmillan commissionm has been delayed by a couple of weeks, so Im taking the opportunity to develop this project a bit.

Amazing Talent

I've been back in contact with a friend Tracey from my old Art College. Her talent was obvious there but her work has developed even further since. She specializes in painting acrylics of nature subjects in close up. She has an amazing skill for homing in on the detail and cutting through the extraneous.

Here's a link to her site:

Bad Hair day

I've got the character, got the story,(well some of it), now all I need to do is master the software! This has been one of the reasons for not posting recently. I've been trying to get my head around a 3D application and so far the hair has proved unmanageable. I am working on it and hope to be able to post an improved version soon.

Latest WIP

Here is the first sculpture which I intend to fire and possibly sell. It is about 6 inches high and made from white stoneware clay. I have taken the sculpture as far as poss without reference. So now I will find a similar pose and finish detailing it.The pictures are a bit rubbish as they were taken in low light without a tripod.