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Xmas card 2009

I have been busy lately with this and that. Can't say that I have settled on my career direction for next year yet. I really need to sort out some studio space, possibly I need to rent somewhere. I'm tinkering at the moment with a number of things, but nothing to the quality I hope to produce.

In the meantime I have been working on this years Chirstmas card. A bit of cropping and text adjustment maybe necessary.

Sculpture Adjustment

I haven't had much time to devote to this but I'm going to have to start taking my sculpture a bit more seriously. I need to be more methodical in my approach using reference photo's and actually do some sketching before getting to the actual sculpting bits.

I have raised the figures and have roughed out the hands. I will define the sculpt quite a bit more and fire it. I'll just put this one down to experience and do a better job on the next.

Back to work

I hope everyone had a great Samhain.

My Blog has been a bit quiet this week. It's been half term so I have been doing the family thing. Normal service will resume next week.

Illustrationwise I'm hoping the Art Editors at Macmilan's are going to accept the ammended images I submitted to them. Things have the habit of dragging on when it comes to the world of publishing.

I have been emmersing myself in the world of ceramics. Normally between jobs I would spend my time working to improve my skills in digital 3D. I thought it was about time I devoted all my time to producing something tangible. I hope to show you something I've been working on, in the next couple of days.