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The Djinn Of All Deserts

Here is a quick test shot of the desert 'Genie.' He is a bit rough round the edges at the mo but I will clean him up in Photoshop. I just need to photograph him in a couple of other poses and then I'll be finished with this stage of the procedure:¬)

Production line

I'm trying to get all the models finished and photographed by the end of this week. I still have the dog and the genie to go so it's a big ask.

Here's a raw shot of the camel but this time sculpted lying down. And before you ask, I was sitting upright:¬)

My son, (picured below), received his A level results on Thursday. He achieved BBB which was not quite good enough for his first choice University: Cardiff. He only just missed getting AAA by 4, 6, & 9 marks. He was offered a place at his insurance choice but his heart was set on Cardiff. I think he intends to resit a couple of exams to get his grades up and reapply. He is also talking about travelling in france next year.

My work has been substantially delayed by all this carrying on. I really need to get all my models finished and photographed by the end of the month or I'm going to be in real trouble.

Forgive me - A Scenery Shot

I've lived near Godrevy Lighthouse for over nine years yet have never been to Godrevy Point. The Island and associated lighthouse inspired Virginia Wolf's novel 'To The Lighthouse.' The views are breathtaking. The string of beaches starting with Gwithian opposite Godrevy form a bay which is listed in the top ten bays of the world.

Tomorrow my son's A level results are released. He doesn't think he has done enough to get into his first choice University and his second choice isn't really a choice he wants to make. So I hope he is being overly pessimistic as he would be pretty distaught if he falls short.

On the work front I am making reasonable progress. I hope I can make a breakthrough by the weeks end.

Just Shut Up And Get On With It!

That's what I intend to do. I have finished modelling and posing all the shots of the camel standing up, with and without hump. I have also completed all the shots of the 'desert man.' I'm now re-modelling the camel in its lying down position. I'll be happier once all the camel photographs are done but that still leaves a lot of modelling to go. I have yet to start work on the dog or the genie of the deserts. I will probably photograph the Ox and Horse next.

Once all the characters are modelled and photographed they must be composed against the backgrounds, (once finished), and everything must be colour corrected, (so the characters look ok against the foreground and backgrounds).

Back to work:¬)

Back In The Saddle

I had rather a cathartic week 'up country' in my 'home town. Since moving down to Cornwall some 9 years ago I have felt less and less affinity to the place where I was born. My relatives live there which is the only reason for my visits. I have brought my mother back to stay for a week with us but I have so much on my plate with my commission that site seeing could be drastically reduced this year.

The workload for 'How The Camel Got Its Hump' is looking really mental. I have so much to do it's unreal. I am at the panic stage at the moment where I can't see all the necessary elements possibly coming together.

I have had to create the landscape myself in the end. Here's the latest work in progress:

Putting The Cart Before The Camel

Here is a quick test shot of the Camel pulling a cart. I actually got to use my wood carving knife, at last, to fashion the arms of the camels cart. I used Balsa wood and some other harder stuff I found in my odds and ends cupboard to knock the cart up. I used real leather for the strap which was cut from a furniture shop's leather sample swatch:¬)

You may have noticed something missing. The wheels I ordered off Ebay turned out to be half the size I thought they'd be. So I have a new pair on order.

I have made the unprecedented decision to buy a CGI desert scene off the net. I haven't got the time to build one myself and as it was quite cheap I thought it was worth it. I'll post some images next time.

I'm off up country for a week from tomorrow so I hope to see you then.