Fingers Crossed

I put well over 10 hours of work into my new mining sculpture today and I recon it's near enough finished. One week to do sculpt a figure and a diorama was pushing it. I think all these years of sculpting figures for my illustrations against the clock has taught me to work quite fast. This latest version has not dried out completely so it's not ideal, but being only seven days old it's in better shape than I could have hoped for.

Tomorrow I am going to take the model to be displayed in the mining town of St Just. There's going to be a fundraising event and people will get the opportunity to vote for their favourite model. I need to photograph the new version so that it can form part of another display in a hotel in Penzance. Votes will be cast here too.


MackTheKnife said…
Good luck, Chris. I'll wager that they'll vote for the one based on your original idea!
PG said…
Good luck Chris! Will send positive thoughts down your way.
Chris.P said…
Thanks alot I appreciate the good vibes:¬)
sarah said…
We are all waiting with bated breath... The wait is agonising!

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