Time To Get Started

The one thing that has been stopping me from producing ceramics has been studio space. I guess it's been a bit of a convenient problem because it has allowed me to procrastinate. But now I have decided to build an outside studio where I can dry out and fire the sculptures.

Thanks to Tara and Sarah for your input which has convinced me to start off with some small ceramic items. I do though quite like the idea of combining sterling silver with wood or ceramic as jewellery making was something I was interested in pursuing at one point. And I still have most of the equipment to hand.


I forgot to say that the commission I've got coming up is actually from the top bod at Macmillan and not through a design agency as were the last few. He had told my Agent some time ago that my work was fine for the odd illo, but he couldn't see my stuff in a whole book, (although I've done several with another publishers). That comment did leave me feeling a bit crest fallen at the time.

But now it seems he has changed his opinion as the commission is for a 32 page book in full colour. I've just got the job sheet but have little info other than the book is one of the 'Macmillan Explorers' dual language books.

I've booked my son in to see a spiritual healer to see if she can sort out his anxiety. I saw her some time ago about a problem with my hand. I can't describe the sensations I had in my head but it was a really exhilarating feeling. She is also a medium and she was the one who gave me a reading last year. Shiatsu is also a great energy/massage therapy I was buzzing for a week after I had one.


sarah said…
Chris I loooove your jewelery, really pretty. i would have thought that would sell really well..
Great news on the illustration work, that will keep you going for a bit
Chris.P said…
Thanks Sarah:¬)

I have tried quite a few crafts. But I tended to stop doing them when I felt that they wouldn't provide enough income if I did them full time.

Now I feel I should just go for it with whatever I enjoy doing and see what happens.