This is version II

The organizing committee for the statue fundraising seem a little, well disorganized. Their performance today in arranging a benefit was a bit disconcerting. I suppose the ball is in their court now.


sarah said…
Loving this one the cave effect, gives a great atmosphere
MackTheKnife said…
Very nice! You've really captured the feeling of being in a small place deep underground. I've been in a couple of small, deep caves, and this piece brings it all back.
Chris.P said…
Thanks for your comments Sarah and Mack. But I hope the work I post from now on will be more in line with where I want yo go artistically.
Cathy said…
This is a fantastic piece, Chrispy!

You know they say the best stories are the ones which leave something to the imagination of the reader? I think this really excels not just because of the skill of the execution, but the way that this 'scene' hints at the entire environment the man is operating in. The way he's looking out at the viewer also tells of something beyond all this, and invites the viewer into his world. Its simplicity makes it all the more powerful.

Very poignant!
Chris.P said…
Thanks for your obsevations Cathy:¬) I'm glad you picked up on what I was hoping to convey.

I'll have to employ you to write my publicity material;¬)

I've started to sculpt some figures which I actually intend to fire in the coming weeks. I hope I can get some galleries interested:¬)
Cathy said…
I'll have to employ you to write my publicity material;¬)

I've got a degree in writing this sort of thing!