The Plot Thickens

I'm going to display my sculpture in the library of the town where the statue is proposed to be erected. I phoned them up to see how many there are already on display, and it seems there is only one so far. I was surprised to hear that the one statue was sculpted by my old ceramics tutor. I had a bit of an issue with her. Some teachers feel their students are their competition, particularly in Adult Education. I felt she had a bit of an agenda with me. She used to pump me for information as to where I planned to sell my sculpture, possible types of market or production techniques, etc. She was also a bit disparaging and seldom encouraging. I would be interested to see her reaction when she sees I am contributing a model.

Yesterday I went into St Ives on a fact finding mission. I went into a couple of craft shops/galleries to talk to shop owners about the kind of products that sell well. It seems small colourful ceramics are popular, as are hares, (celtic fertility symbols), tiles with designs in relief, bonded bronze sculptures, etc.

Even the most up-market souvenir shops offer little profit on items, so an almost production line approach would be necessary. I think I am inclined to go for the high end one-off piece approach and consider galleries instead of tourist haunts.


sarah said…
I think tourists will always want something they can put in their pocket to take away, for not a huge amount of money, but don't discount it, if you are selling loads, the profit will still be the same as selling one 'big' one every six months. Many billionaires made their money by selling newspapers for only a penny profit!!
As far as your old tutor goes, hope you can poke her in the to speak!
Heh - I second Sarah's comment, on all points. :-)

Good for you for all your progress - in production, decisions, and interactions. :-)
Chris.P said…
Sarah you are wise beyond your years:¬)

Thanks Tara. I feel much more confident. All I need to do now is get my kid's to behave:¬(