WIP: Seated Female Figure

I sculpted this figure as an exercise without reference. I will look for a photograph of a similar pose and define some details. It is made from Beau Touche - wax based clay which I don't really like working with. So when I finish this I am going to start sculpting with real clay which I will fire, and hopefully I will start selling some items!


sarah said…
This is truly beautiful Chris, can i see veins on her feet? amazing!
Chris.P said…
Thanks for your nice comment Sarah:¬)

Actually I did put that kind of detail in the feet. I find a lot of artists including myself have issues with feet. I think it's important to get them right. Decided not to include bunions though:¬)
Sikiu Perez said…
Nice work Chris, you should show this picture at www.wetcanvas.com they have an sculpture forum and you can have more feedback there.
This is the third time you say will use real clay... blah blah blah :)
I like to see your work, thank you for sharing.
Chris.P said…
Hi Sikiu good to hear from you.

Yes, blah, blah, blah! :¬) I have started to use stoneware clay so I'll post some examples soon:¬)