Trying to sort out my son has taken most of my time of late. He needs to lift his grades to get his university place. I'm glad to say he seems to be a lot more committed right now. I just hope he can keep it going.

I got an email from the organizing committee for the miners sculpture today. They wanted a copy of the poster of my submitted design. The actual model, unsuprisingly, is a little worse for wear due to the rushed drying process.

I have though decided to do another design in addition to the one I have already produced. It is based on my original idea which I deviated from after talking to the head of the organizing committee. In future I will always go with my gut instinct.

The general public will vote on their favoured sculpture on Friday, so I intend to get it finished by then. Frankly this is a big ask, but I have built up the model in a holllow form to hopefully avoid the issue of cracking. I'll keep you posted:¬)


sarah said…
Look forward to seeing the new work too....wish I could wiz to c'wall to see the exhibits, must be exciting?!

Only one more term to go before it's over! ....then there's the next one!

Hope all is well?
Chris.P said…
It's hard enough getting a grip on my own life. But when you have the lives of kid's, reaching the age of independance, to deal with that's a whole new ball game.