Driving Home

On the way back from Penzance the sun began to set over Trencrom Hill. So I quickly pulled over and took this picture before the colours began to fade.

The hill isn't that well defined in this image but it is the vantage point from which I took the photograph in this blog's banner. It is steeped in the legends of giants and spriggan's. It has two wells and several hundred years ago it was crowned with a hill fort.


sarah said…
ooh loverly.
wot's a spriggan??
Chris.P said…
A spriggan is the spirit of deceased giant. He/she guards the giants hoard of treasure buried in Trencom hill.

If anyone attempts to dig for the treasure, the diminutive spriggan's grow to their original size and chase off the intruder.

...Haven't tested this myth myself, just in case there's some truth in it:¬)