Cracking Up

The miner sculpture is in major trouble, ('scuse the play on words). Although I am trying to dry it out slowly, it is starting to crack, as the deeper layers contract against the armature. And OMG! It needs to be presented to the committee some time next week! My best chance is to partially rehydrate the statue and cover it in vaseline to keep the moisture in. As a back up I'll photograph through 360 degrees to produce a virtual tour of the statue.


sarah said…
what a pain..hope it won't spoil the effect. I'm sure if you take photos aswell the panel will take that into account...anyway presumably the finished piece won't be made out of clay! want to see some pics...please!
Sikiu Perez said…
Oh Chris, why you used an armature with a clay that reduces? that is a big no no, well I guess is kind of late now. I hope you fixed it. I would make a mold and reproduce the piece to show.
Please pictures!!!