Collecting Wood

I went to Trencrom Hill again to try and find some suitable wood for carving. There are a few trees at its base, Hawthorne, Elder, White Poplar and a small Oak, (the most sacred tree to the Druids and are said to be inhabited by Dryad's or tree spirits).

The Poplar tree stands right at the bottom of the hill path, and is one of only a few trees of its type in the local area. It seems quite lonely so I make a habit of saying hello to it when I come to the hill:¬) It has a nervous disposition. Christian myth says its leaves tremble as a punishment meted out to it after it was used to form the timbers of the cross. To the Celts the poplar has strong connection with the winds which are said to 'speak' when the leaves rustle together. I'll try to remember to take a picture of the tree the next time I visit.

I managed to find a fallen bough of an Oak and Hawthorne but I have no idea how easy they will be to carve. Here are a couple more shots on the hill. Its summit has a number of Bronze Age hut circles where only some of the stones which made up their walls remain. There are also numerous natural stone formations. The hill was fortified with ramparts and recently flood waters brought arrowheads down the hill and were discovered in a wood below.

The hill has a special energy about it and is the most relaxing place to be.


Mmmm - I love the landscapes you show. Wish I could be there.
sarah said…
Poplars do make a very soothing rustle in the wind.
I should get yourself a granny shopping trolley for all your wood.