It's been a long tweek

...but I've finally got a scroll on my blog. I always wanted one for some reason. Because there is no set length to a Blog page, in a given month, a scroll seems the ideal solution. It still needs a bit of perfecting though.

I've nearly finished the model I've been working on so I'll post that this week.

I did a bit of Cosmic Ordering this morning using a meditation CD by Stephen russell, (
His Website). Although I have decided to devote my energies to sculpture, (I realise that I'm not going to start making money from this overnight), I 'placed an order' for an illustration commission at 9.30 am, then fell asleep, only to be woken up by a phonecall from my agent with a possible 30-40 pages of illustrations!! Now that is the fastest an order has been responded to for me. I haven't had a job from them since November so I'm inclined to believe the Cosmic Ordering did the trick:¬) The job isn't due in 'till April though, so there's a bit of time to get on with some sculpture:¬)


sarah said…
Am liking the scroll.

OMG can you put an order in for me too?! I've had a couple of biggies out there for some time and they seem awfully slow to materialise!
Jan Mader said…
Hi...I'm a children's author and fairly new to blogging (about a month). Please stop by...
Congrats on the order! :-) Way to go. (And nice scroll).