Slow But Steady

I'm making progress towards setting up a workshop/studio but I'm having to finance this through Jewellery Sales.

I'm going to join a new shed to an existing one by adding a wooden foundation and rotating the old one 90 degrees.  The two together will give me an 8 x 12 working area; not massive but ok for now.  I will put a skylight from a salvage yard in the roof as loads of light is essential.

I have a commission to make an Engagement Ring at the moment and this is taking up most of my time.  The three preliminary sketches are shown below:

The couple went for the third one. 

I actually enjoyed real human interaction yesterday meeting up with an old college friend in Falmouth.  She lives in Wales so this is not a friendship that involves much of a face to face connection.

Being with people is something I thrive on but unfortunately it happens far too infrequently.  And as fleeting as the meeting was I was at least happy to discuss things with someone who is not family.  I hope to meet a Facebook friend next week.

So I do feel aspects of my life are crawling in the right direction but it's not a straight A to B but more of a zig-zag.