Workshop/Goal Update

Since my last post I built the bigger foundations from pressure treated timber and turned the shed 90 degrees.

I added a window frame and glazed it.

I can't afford to do the extension yet so I am starting to insulate it as is, then extend it later.

I'm using Celotex and MDF boarding as the cheapest/most efficient option.

Goal-wise I am making slow progress.  A lot does depend on this new work-space.  I can't really get started on my projects until it's finished.

I have met up with a couple of people in my efforts to fill the void in my social life.  I didn't get the feeling however that these people crave my company.  Conversations on Facebook are also pretty one-sided with the other parties losing interest pretty quickly.

As to my surfing ambitions, well I finally bought a wet suit but it is yet to be used in anger on account of the weather. :/

I had an interesting meeting with the owner of a Design Company up the road.  There seems to be an opportunity for a collaboration in a Screen Printing project but I'm not sure how this will pan out.

In the meantime I feel a bit adrift / lacking connection but with a couple of jewellery commissions nagging at me.