Because this Blog appears pretty anonymous, I feel less inhibited than on Facebook.  I can spout inane ramblings at will without fear of subconsciously seeking validation and populating people's Timelines with stuff they simply don't give s crap about.

In that vein...

Things seem pretty dormant at the moment.  My eldest is still at home until he goes back to Uni. My youngest...well we have little idea what his or rather her immediate plans are. 

My outlook on life has changed, it must be allowed to go where it will.  I used to be so obsessed with my kid's career prospects.  Who'd have known that we have very little control of our children's lives once they get through adolescence. They must be left to find their own path. Over interference is counterproductive.

My wife is still enjoying the school break and I'm enjoying the time with her and the kid's;  but there is a little fear that when she goes back, the spectre of loneliness might descend on me even though my youngest will be at home.

This is the first time in years as a freelancer that I am committing to what I consider is my true artistic path.  This is scary on a number of levels including the fact that until I find the right direction and level of proficiency, I will be earning little.

I need studio space but don't have the money to invest, so I might have to increase jewellery sales somehow.  A part time job might be necessary in the short term.

I have very few friends right now, since Aki went back to London, Tracey to Wales and Matt left Graphic Design to manage the Meadery. So I have come to the conclusion that I was meant to be my own counsel. 

I did the things they say you should do to create a social circle such as sign up to Adult Education, but such is the demographic of these courses, the friends I made were mostly women.  I am OK with that; but one new acquaintance felt I was not worth the trouble such a friendship would cause her relationship.

So I've decided to make friends with the sea instead and intend taking up surfing. :) This seems to be a local obsession which I hope will give another dimension to my life.

Next...My attempts to build a Studio with reclaimed timber and my first faltering steps to becoming a Surf God.:)