Putting The Cart Before The Camel

Here is a quick test shot of the Camel pulling a cart. I actually got to use my wood carving knife, at last, to fashion the arms of the camels cart. I used Balsa wood and some other harder stuff I found in my odds and ends cupboard to knock the cart up. I used real leather for the strap which was cut from a furniture shop's leather sample swatch:¬)

You may have noticed something missing. The wheels I ordered off Ebay turned out to be half the size I thought they'd be. So I have a new pair on order.

I have made the unprecedented decision to buy a CGI desert scene off the net. I haven't got the time to build one myself and as it was quite cheap I thought it was worth it. I'll post some images next time.

I'm off up country for a week from tomorrow so I hope to see you then.