My son, (picured below), received his A level results on Thursday. He achieved BBB which was not quite good enough for his first choice University: Cardiff. He only just missed getting AAA by 4, 6, & 9 marks. He was offered a place at his insurance choice but his heart was set on Cardiff. I think he intends to resit a couple of exams to get his grades up and reapply. He is also talking about travelling in france next year.

My work has been substantially delayed by all this carrying on. I really need to get all my models finished and photographed by the end of the month or I'm going to be in real trouble.


Sarah said…
YAY well done No 1 boy!
Gina said…
How proud you must be of your wonderful son! Good luck with your work, you'll get it done!!!
Chris.P said…
Thanks folks:¬)

No 2 son gets his GCSE results tomorrow. Here we go again!:¬)