The Djinn Of All Deserts

Here is a quick test shot of the desert 'Genie.' He is a bit rough round the edges at the mo but I will clean him up in Photoshop. I just need to photograph him in a couple of other poses and then I'll be finished with this stage of the procedure:¬)


Gordon Fraser said…
Nice Chrispy! the camels as well!...oh yeah and your new avatar cool dude you!
Cathy said…
They're wonderful, Chrispy - really characterful and charming. Looks like you're someone who actually works really well under stress!

Chris.P said…
Hey Gordon. I'm just trying to keep up with the master:¬)

Thanks Cathy:¬) I'm always stressed during a commission. This is my biggest so I'm really going to be up against it. I'm going to try not to produce any illo's I'm not happy with this time. But it's difficult with this deadline.