Forgive me - A Scenery Shot

I've lived near Godrevy Lighthouse for over nine years yet have never been to Godrevy Point. The Island and associated lighthouse inspired Virginia Wolf's novel 'To The Lighthouse.' The views are breathtaking. The string of beaches starting with Gwithian opposite Godrevy form a bay which is listed in the top ten bays of the world.

Tomorrow my son's A level results are released. He doesn't think he has done enough to get into his first choice University and his second choice isn't really a choice he wants to make. So I hope he is being overly pessimistic as he would be pretty distaught if he falls short.

On the work front I am making reasonable progress. I hope I can make a breakthrough by the weeks end.


Sarah said…
Sue said…
Godrevy lighthouse is in one of my favourite places. We had a chalet on the Towans for a week in Spring, and walked up to the lighthouse area and just around the point to see the seals. Fabulous! Lots of baby snakes, though; we had to watch our step!
Chris.P said…
Thanks Sarah. Things didn't quite go according to plan. I'll explain in my next post.

Gwithian was a real surprise to me Sue.