Drying Out

I've had a few issues with me miner sculpture. I had to use a water based clay to resist surface damage during transport. But it will be brittle and prone to cracking as it dries out, due to there being thin sections of clay on a rigid wire armature. I did speak to the chairman of the statue fund raising commitee and he said I could have the necessary extra week or so drying time.

Apparently the original sculptor recons he has the rights to create the statue on the strength of a letter to that effect over a year ago. I know for a fact that this sculptor has sold two copies of the marquette for £900 each, presumably to people who believe it to be the prototype of the actual staue. As the song goes...'There could be trouble ahead...'

I think my version looks ok. I have had no decent reference, as mentioned in my last post. The miner is bare chested so I have tried to guestimate the correct musculature. If this wasn't such a speculative punt I would have paid a model to pose for me. In fact if I get the job I will do just that.

I'm going to take a photograph of the place where the statue is to be sited and superimpose onto it a picture of my model, so the public can get a better idea of how it would look in situ. I promise to publish the pics on this blog soon.

I feel a bit like I am in the starting blocks waiting for the gun to go off. I'm itching to get out there and meet some new people. I was going to join a couple of classes but money is tight at the moment.